If you are HIV+, living in San Francisco, and experiencing financial hardship, you qualify!

You Get:

·       An initial consultation

·       Treatment Plan

·       2 monthly acupuncture appointments

·       10 appointments total with option to re-enroll.


Dr. Misha Cohen has been working with the LGBTIQ community, specifically embedded in the fight for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. Her commitment to the individual stories of her patients has fostered a long lasting relationship to the community. The HIV Care Wellness Program actively seeks to continue this legacy by creating access to compassionate healthcare for members of the community otherwise unable to afford treatment.

To Apply, go to TCMeducation.org and send us a message saying you are interested!

HIV Care Program Overview

Once enrolled, participants can expect compassionate care from knowledgeable practitioners. Resources are limited, so inquire now via emailing or phone.

Funded by AIDS Walk SF

A special thank you to everyone who donated and supported Quan Yin Healing Arts Center.

Who qualifies?
What do I get?
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