HIV Care Program Overview:

With money raised from donations, the HIV Care Program is offering an initial consultation, treatment plan, and 10 subsequent acupuncture sessions. Each participant is entitled to 2 visits per calendar month for a total of 10 visits. The space is limited and the funding is too, so apply now. Please help raise awareness of this opportunity.

We are participating in the 2015 AIDS Walk, San Francisco. Quan Yin is a beneficiary and all donations go to support subsidized care for people with HIV. Please join us in walking for treatment choice!

We are accepting all donations for the program in order to continue serving the community for years to come. 

If you are inquiring about our HIV Care Program, send us a message with an address. We will be happy to send you the application either through email, fax, or the postal service. If you or anyone you know is a resident of San Francisco, living with HIV/AIDS, and could use financial assistance to access Chinese Medical Care, please contact us.